Anthems of Woodstock Concert

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GALA Reception with MELANIE at
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Did You Know that Melanie...

Yes or No



Emerged as the first Folk/Rock female in the pop field?

Performed at Woodstock in 1969 when, during her set, the first ritual of lighting candles at concerts began?

Was one of the first solo Folk rock artists to perform at Carnegie Hall?

Was introduced by Keith Moon when she followed THE WHO at the Isle of Wight festival in England in 1970, and she received FOUR standing ovations? (3 weeks later she had TWO top ten albums in England)

Still has the drum stick from Isle of Wight that Keith Moon gave her?

Shared the stage and sang with JOHN LENNON at the super star studded Live at Madison Square Garden Benefit Concert and received a black rose from John & Yoko as a gesture of gratitude?

Released, CANDLES IN THE RAIN, which sold over one million copies worldwide and garnered her Top Female Vocalist of the Year awards from Billboard, Cashbox, Record world, Melody Maker and Bravo in 1970?

Was the first solo Folk/Rock artist to perform at London's Royal Albert Hall?

Was the first Folk/Rock artist to perform at the new Metropolitan Opera House in NYC?

Was the first solo Folk/Rock artist to perform on Broadway at the Demille Theatre under the "new policy of bringing major live talent back to Broadway"?

Was the first solo Folk/Rock to perform at the Sydney Opera House, Australia?

Toured the world as UNICEF'S chief spokeswoman in 1971?

Spent ten hours in a plane with Jimi Hendrix?

Was the first Female folk Rock artist to have three records simultaneously in Billboard's Top 40?

Was the first artist to perform in front of the United Nations General Assembly for UNICEF prior to Steve Wonder's performance?

Performed in a song that she wrote especially for the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly?

Was invited to perform at Olympic Stadium in Moscow during the historical Peace Summit in 1988?

Received an Emmy Award 1989 for "The First Time I Love Forever", lyrics for the television show "Beauty and the Beast"?

Danced with Tina Turner on the Everly Brothers television show?

Headlined Sidrnouth Folk Festival in England, July l994 singing to 40,000 people?

Headlined Dranouter Folk Festival in Belgium, August 1995 singing to 38,000?

Whether or not you answered yes to any of the above questions
You Must Not Miss This Concert! Hear the powerful voice that made it happen!


59 SW Flagler Avenue Located in Historic Downtown Stuart
Lyric Box Office Hours: 10 - 2 pm Tuesday - Saturday and 1 Hour before show time
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