Melanie - Recorded Live At Borders


Melanie: Vocals, Guitar


Featuring "Safka"
Leilah Schekeryk: Vocals
Jeordie Schekeryk: Vocals

Special Guest:
Beau-Jarred Schekeryk: Lead Guitar,
Guitar Synth, Vocals


Produced by: Mark Petow/DES Records
Executive Producer: Greg Brandy
Associate Producer: Peter Schekeryk
Recorded & Mixed by: Mark Petow
Assistant Engineer: Thom Welte
Cable Boy: Rob Stephenson
Mastered by: Ed Marshal at Alle Audio
Graphic Design: Jerry Olson
Manufactured by: Earth Disc


Recorded Live at Borders Books and Music
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, July 24th, 1999

Dear Friends,

I was amazed the first time I heard Melanie's music. Like an old friend, her music seemed to reach out to me. Personal. Innocent, lost, found, humorous, but always honest. I was an instant fan.

True fans will know that this is the first complete live recording Melanie has produced since her "Live At Carnegie Hall" album in 1973. She picks up right where she left off, reeling in the audience and touching their hearts. Her children, Leilah, Jeordie and Beau-Jarred


It was my pleasure to have been involved in the production of this recording with the folks at DES records and Borders Books & Music. If you are familiar with Melanie's music, then you are familiar with Melanie. If not, please listen closely -- you are about to meet your new best friend






Patti Petow.

Special Thanks to:

Borders Books & Music, Patti Petow , Andy Bass, Michelle Doliner,
Carol Geller, Beth A. Koelher, Ira & Ruth Gordon, Tom Caminitti,
Mindy Lang & Rick Shaw of WMXJ-FM,
Michael Stock of WLRN-FM, WAMI-TV
and Buddha records, a division of BMG Entertainment

Thanks to:
Jerry & Kay B. Sylvia W. George H., Kathleen G., Diana,
The Ft. Lauderdale Borders Gang (Jackson, Allicia, Joan,
Linda, Monica, Amanda, Shawn B., Sylvia, Shawn W., Michael, Pam,
Yedell, Jodi, Meg, Jennifer, Robert, Barbara and Bruce),
Music Arts Enterprises, Guild Guitars,
Villa Madame Chat of Ft. Lauderdale
and Larry Cohen of

Ring The Living Bell 3:39

Cerulean Blue 4:32

Good Book 2:58*

Look What They've Done To My Song Ma 3:57*

Baby Day 4:04

I Don't Eat Ainmals 1:44*

The Brand New Key Story 6:25

Brand New Key 2:58

Peace Will Come (According To Plan) 5:30*

Carolina In My Mind 4:36

Ruby Tuesday 5:28

Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) 6:05*

Close To It All 4:58*

Beautiful People 4:46

*Published by Bienstock Publishing Co
Brand New Key, Baby Day and Ring
The Living Bell (EMI-April Music)
Beautiful People (Nusic Sales Corporation)
Cerulean Blue (Two Story Publishing)
Ruby Tuesday (Jagger/Richards)
Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)


1999 DES Records,
A Division of Destination Entertainment Services, Inc.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 USA


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