Pyramid Records release Melanie's new album, "Crazy Love" on Tuesday, September 24th, 2002 in the USA. 

AAA Radio will be airing the single, "And We Fall" early September.

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Tentative Track listing for the forthcoming new Melanie CD, "Crazy Love":


1. And We Fall

2. Jammin' Alone

3. The Punishment Fits The Crime

4. Smile

5. Say A Little Prayer

6. This House

7. Right About Now (new track)

8. In Your Dreams

9. Leftover Emotions

10. You Can Find Anything Here

11. The Wonderer

12. You Don't Know Me

13. I Can Do This (Spoken) 

14. Crazy Love

15. Prone To Wander

16. Come Away Come Go

17. Poet Is King


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This CD is available from all good CD stores in the USA and also your usual Internet CD store.



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