MELANIE (Safka) - The singer who defines Madrugada


Autumn Lady

That special day I met Melanie - she was in the wings during the taping, waiting to go on. It reminds me of the song Autum Lady - "she spent all her nigts under raspberry lights, and her days, wrote her days into songs".



MELANIE - "Live @ Borders" will be "on the computer" at Borders website on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15! And it has once again been confirmed that ALL BORDERS' STORES will have the CD IN STOCK on Saturday, March 4. Remember - visit borders today at and email them to let them know you care! Thanks!



Let Borders know you want Melanie's new CD in stock the day it is released. Ask them if they are planning a concert by her at your local Borders store. Let them know you expect to see release information in the e-mail newsletter that Borders sends to their e-mail customers. Also, remind them, Melanie fans will be looking for other CDs by her and new fans who have their first Melanie experience with this CD will want additional Melanie music. Ask them to stock up on US releases but not to forget IMPORTS! A lot of us fans haven't seen the imports and will buy them if they are there. So please support DES Records and MELANIE in this VERY IMPORTANT RELEASE - e-mail Borders TODAY and let them know - you're a Melanie fan - and that you're telling all of your friends and the demand will be awesome and with our effort we can make this happen! Thanks!


"Melanie Live At Borders" - D.E.S Records - at Borders' March 4, 2000! Updated information below.


The song listing is:

Ring The Living Bell
Cerulean Blue
The Good Book
Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma
Baby Day
I Don't Eat Animals
The Brand New Key Story
Peace Will Come (Accoding To Plan)
Carolina In My Mind
Ruby Tuesday
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)
Close To It All
Beautiful People

Baby Day and Close To It All are worth the price of the CD - not to mention the Brand New Key story. Beau is EXTREMELY talented and his guitar and synth is a beautiful addition to the songs especially Ruby Tuesday. Her daughters add some background vocals - and while they are nice - I would have liked to have just heard Melanie's beautiful rich voice. Just Melanie - she sounds better than ever - just like the Melanie we all loved the moment we heard her first note. Her sincerity shines, you can feel her love of her music and the joy of performing. Start contacting Borders NOW - let them know - you want it. Trust me - you won't be disappointed. The release date is now slated for Saturday March 4, 2000 and Melanie will be performing a special concert and autograph at the very Border's she recorded it at in Ft Lauderdale! If you pre-ordered it through DES Records - it has arrived at their offices and they are in the process of sending those out. So start checking your mailbox!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to contact your LOCAL Borders store to let them know you will be waiting for it and to see what you can do to have Melanie come and perform and sign autographs in your city! The more interest that is generated by calls and visits - the better inventory the stores will stock AND maybe you'll get a chance to hear and see in person this lovely talented lady . Not to mention, the better inventory that is stocked - the better chance an old Melanie fan who is unaware she is still singing will pick it up and purchaes it. And we all know, it only takes one listen for someone to become a new fan! We need to make sure it is featured in the stores! You are the "beautiful people" who have the power to make it happen. It really is up to you. Don't forget you can also visit Borders online to reqeust it at - let them know you want it in the newsletter they send out to all of their customers! This CD will sell on word of mouth alone - people just have to know it's there!


The Borders' CD Cover!

This is the artwork for the cover of the "Live at Borders" CD. Remember - it is due out March 4, 2000 and Melanie will be holding a special concert, autograph party that day at the Borders' she recorded it at in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Contact Borders and let them you want it in stock (and you want Melanie to come to your local store to sing and sign autographs) - and check out for more information and sound clips.


Those hand-me-downs

Or "Golden Chains" - Melanie in rehersal - just tuning her guitar and singing - she is the star! What to sing - she played several songs and ended up with "Buckle Down" per Peter. Melanie wanted to sing "Hand Me Downs".



Believe it or not - others want to know the answer to the question - "What is your favorite Melanie CD/LP and why?" If you can't choose just one, why? Are there several or a couple because of the time in your life that you heard them or a life situation that the CD/LP was there with you. Also, is there a particular song that stands out for you as the best you feel she has written and why in addition to her best interpretation of another artists' song and why? And last but not least - what is the song you would love for Melanie to record? I would really like to hear from all of you - I have had the pleasure of receiving some very touching and interesting Melanie stories, and I as well as those of you who visit this site would love to know your thoughts. Please email me at and let me know. And if you say it's okay - I'll include your thoughts. Thanks in advance for staying so close to it all and being such beautiful people all over the world.


How it all began...

I believe it was the summer months when I was about 12. I was bored on evening, and watching TV. It was pre-cable. I do believe it was Glen Campbell who had a variety summer replacement show on. Now I am not a Glen Campbell fan at all, but I recall seeing this singer sitting on a ledge with big letters above her "Melanie" and she sang "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)" and "Peace Will Come". I was mesmerized - there was some sort of immediate connection. I couldn't wait until the stores opened the next day - I was there buying her LPs. And now some 29 years later I still feel the same way. I still feel that instant connection. And the music, both old and new, still touches me.


The Actress

"and when they ask her to play music she'll sing till she dies" Still early in the afternoon, trying not to shake from nervousness, I hadn't actually met Melanie yet, I was just there taking pictures, thinking I couldn't wait to tell Dad, remembering he had past away less than a year ago, and knowing her was sharing in the excitement.



As I mentioned in another area, my father passed away April 27, 1977, eight days after I turned 19. Hospice hadn't been heard of. Dad wanted to die at home (bone cancer) and my Mom - a true Saint - made sure his life was wonderful in anyway he wanted as she had their whole life together. It was too young an age for my father to die - he was 43. It was too early for my mom to lose her husband she married at 19. It wasn't fair all the way around. I have this belief that when we have accomplished what we are planted here to do, and have reached the lives and souls of others in a postive way, and set the paths in motion, we move on. In a very short 43 years my father had done that. The best man you'd ever meet, he never met a stranger. He opened his heart to everyone and helped them in whatever way he could. He was and is the best dad ever (my brother holds his own to dad with my neice). Anyhow, I was a Melanie fan from 12 on. A new Melanie single would be played on the radio, or I would read about it and I had to have it. I would find out when it was being released. Then I would find a wholesaler/distributor. I then remember calling my dad on several Fridays at work and telling him, if he went to "X" I could have the Melanie song that day instead of waiting until the following Tuesday or Wednesday - or maybe just Monday - when the stores would get it. And you know what my dad would do? On his way home from work he would stop and buy it for me. Now is was a wholesaler, so he had to buy 3 or 5 copies. But he did. He knew what it meant to me. And to this day every Melanie song I hear, brings back that memory. How lucky was I. How fortunate I am to had such a great dad. The last LP that was released before dad died was "Photograph" he loved "Secret Of The Darkness". I know he has the light to the secret.


One photograph of over 100 from when I first met Melanie.

It was the winter of 1979. February to be exact. Like I said before I had been a fan on Melanie since I was about 12. I was now in college and had a color print photography class (photography was my minor). We had these weird assignments- one of which was to photograph a "hero". I wondered - what would that be - who, where or what would I select. My father had passed away in 1977 at the very early age of 43 from bone cancer. He is and always will be my true hero. His wonderful sharing of his knowledge and beliefs - along with mom but dad showed my about humanity and giving to others - helped to develop me into the person I am still evolving to. More about my dad in another area. Back to the day I met Melanie. Time Warner was testing out interactive cable right here in Columbus, Ohio - test market of the world. It was called QUBE. A very good friend of mine worked there and was heading up this interactive game show concept - where a viewer at home could select a game show contestant - play along with them - and if the contestant won - then the home viewer did too - don't ask me how - I was simply hired from time to time to be a "mock" contestant. It paid something like $15 an hour and was easy. Well to make what could even be a longer story short - the show was in the process of being revamped and my friend was put on a new task - producing a show called - Columbus Goes Bananaz - and she heard that Melanie was out promoting Ballroom Streets - and being the wonderful friend that she is - she booked Melanie on the show - so I could come and watch and meet Melanie. For weeks preceeding - I was nervous - couldn't sleep- kept thinking what if the weather (at that time we actually had real snowfalls in Columbus, Ohio) prevented Melanie from making it - or at worst what if I met her and the eight years or so of the music touching my life by a person I felt I knew - that reached me through her sincerity and shared feelings that I could relate to- didn't live up to what I expected. After all, that is a lot to live up to, My friends kept telling me to be realistic. Then the day arrived - it was a Sunday. I was in a state of disbelief. Yes it was happening. I headed to the studio - and drove around and around, too afraid to go inside - too nervous to pull in the parking lot - finally I did. When I arrived - secruity contacted my friend - Judy - she came rushing down the hall screaming - "Mercurio (she always called me by my last name-especially when she was frustrated with me) where the hell have you been - she has been here for an hour and I told her you were coming." I remember saying something like - yeah she really knows and cares. My heart couldn't even keep up with my pulse as I walked into the studio where she was standing in the middle of this room an offwhie oversized sweather with an olive colaless shirt underneath ( oddly enough I had a colored shirt on the exact same color - it was under a colarless shirt and vest - but who cares what I was wearing other that our shirts matched - they were the same color!)- her hair "the ballroom streets perm" with the hint of grey in her bangs on the right hand front. A flowered long skirt with borwns.rust.olive/beige - simple yet beautiful - what I would expect Melanie to wear on a casual day. She was singing "those hand-me-downs were all I ever got to use" and then sang "wear it like a flag" -both very acoustic- and beautiful. I was starting to calm down. She was trying to determine the second song she would sing. Her first song on the TV show would be "Running After Love" which she would perform live with "band track" recorded and playing. Her second song would just be Melanie - guitar in hand and a voice that filled an empty large studio. The few in the room applauded after each song. Peter nixed both of those songs - Melanie sang "Running After Love" acousitc - and then did "Buckle Down" and the room went wild and Peter said that's what you'll do. I was still voting for "Hand-Me-Downs". 'two rolls of film later - Melanie was done with rehersal and I could breath normally. Here was this person - much smaller than I expected. Before she went off to change and rest - Judy introduced us formally and asked if she could take a picture of the two of us. She didn't even hesitate - with yes - thank you - the top of her head barley reached the top of my shoulder - I'm 6'. Can I tell you with my arm around her I felt my life was complete - nothing ever good needed to ever happen to me again - I had received what I wanted most in life at that moment - to meet Melanie. After the first photo - to make sure it came out okay (Melanie always looks wonderful, I on the other hand am not phonogenic or photogenic.) Melanie held up her hand and started "well it's one for the money and two for the show". I have that picture with her hand showing "one". Can you imagine - being the only one in the spotlight with an artist you admire. Since that time I have worked in the music industry and been backstage several times and arranged several - and there are always more than one person wanting that moment. I still feel honored to have shared that time. This photo is from that rehersal. Soon I will have a photograph from the acutal taping. When I saw Melanie waiting in the wings - a gold top with a touch of spakle - a black long skirt beaded with gold ornate work throughout - she was stunning! And I will tell you about the performance and our talk after.


From Billboard Magazine - Melanie doing an in-store for Phonogenic - which by the way was originally titled Spunky - and I have an LP with that label!



My Melanie collection...

My Melanie music collection is extensive. I have at least five copies of each LP. Some of my prized treasures are a "Born To Be" songbook; a framed poster from Atlantic Records promoting "Photograph"; a framed ad from Rolling Stone for "Photograph" with a stunning picture of Melanie with the heading "A striking change in a familiar face"; "Brand New Key" 45 with the orginal Neighborhood Label in black and white; a counter display promoting the lp "Madrugada"; about 100 pictures that I have taken of Melanie, mainly from a day I spent with her when she was taping a local TV show, I was there for rehersal and the actual taping - the others are from concerts; a UNICEF signed Christmas card; various fan letters on Neighborhood stationary; a signed copy of the RHINO CD "Best Of" (read one story); a promotional copy of "Phonogenic" with a white cover when the LP was titled "Spunky"; and so on.


One story...

As I mentioned, I used to work in the music industry. One of my jobs required me to go to New York and LA to meet with VP of Sales, Marketing. I was in LA and meeting with RHINO records. Of course during my conversation - I said something like "I can't believe you have not released a CD my favorite artist - Melanie." He looked at me surprised and said - "it is in the works. We had a hard time finding her and tracked her down from the Emmy for 'First Time I Loved Forever'. I told him - all you would have had to do was ask me! So anyhow, when the CD came out - I received a package in the mail from him with the CD signed "To Marc, with love, Melanie". I have other fun Melanie stories, if there is an interest, I will add them!


Perceive It

The impossible takes a little longer
is that a joke?
the end, you'd have to be there,
takes you all
over and over again
Singing daughter
to mama
on the old lady
singing and laughing
the music is playing
sunset and other endings
it's a joke, and you're always there
sunset and other beginning.

Melanie - 1975



So many people have been sending me emails that Beau - Melanie's son - produced a new Melanie CD. I wondered - what? when? what songs? where is it? For those of us lonely US fans - it's an Import - but the wonderful news is - the CD is REAL - titled "Beautful People" and for those of us who love Melanie - it just keeps getting better. Okay, so she is re-recording a lot of songs, many different ways - but this is THE BEST YET! First, there are 20 songs. Okay, so recently they have all had about that many or more. But what sets this apart is Beau choce to revisit the originals using similar band arrangements and brought them up to date ever so slightly. Most impressive is the best instrument Melanie's vocals. Think about it - she was about Beau's age when she originally recorded some of the songs. I was thirlled and shocked to see "People In The Front Row" (who all has the original LP that came from with the unique die-cut cover). I always liked the song - but somehow it's better. Then there is "Baby Day" The intro is brings a new "daylight" to the song as well as the synth sounds and Beau's almost haunting background "baby day" vocals - easing in and out like a brand new day. Who can ever forget the emotions you felt when you first heard "Tunning My Guitar"? And who could imagine almost 30 years later Melanie would still have the pasion to sing it with such sincerity and power. Well she does. And once again Beau strikes a chord with his guitar talent. He is a force/talent that someday will explode into recognition. (Move over Johnny Lang - Beau is on your heals.) Then there is "Close To It All". Okay it is my all time favorite Melanie song - yet Beau has touched it up and brought it even "closer to it all" Beau's guitar playing "tears down the walls" and walks all over the "madison avenue pink dream makers". Remember "Baby Guitar" for a change of pace here it is with a backing band. "The Nickel Song" had that dixie land band sound. "Peace Will Come" has the hint of a dramatic drum build up at the begining of the song that brings you right into the message and singing right along. And "Babe Rainbow" - well let me simply it paints a clear landscape ot the character. I always wanted to write a book or movie based on that song - or better yet a Broadyway production. I hope I have encouraged you to seek this CD out - (please note through cdeurope). I want to thank my friend Stan from The Netherlands for sharing this CD with me. I forever will treasure it. And one last note of humor - the CD has mis-spellings - now I know my site does too - but this is web-tv and there is no spell check and it's very hard to create on a tv screen - I'm trying - but - I believe that "Lay Down (Candles In The Sky" is really "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain" and "Brandnew Key" (as it's listed on the cover) is really "Brand New Key" (as it is listed on the back of the CD. Oh well - it's all in fun - my Rhino Greatest hits liner notes say it's the first time the full lengh 8 minute version of "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)" has been released on CD, but the CD has the original short version. Nonetheless, try as you may and do what you can to add this CD to your collection.



I recently had a very bad experience with CD EUROPE and am appauled at the total lack of respect for customers and the customer service philosophy that they exhibit. I will be adding emails - that I believe you will agree are down right rude - to the page and encourage you NOT to support their business as there are other companies to purchace from. I sugest - and if you can not find it there - let me know - and I will find you an alternative to CD EUROPE. They certainly do not live in a beautiful people" world. I would appreciate your support of not doing business with them - and in would be glad to share their emails sent from them to me with anyone. Thank you to those of you who have already emailed me and supported this effort - I know that CD EUROPE has lost at least FOUR CUSTOMERS! When people joing together we can make an impact - and large or small - a statement is made. Thanks you all - and please continue to not make any purchases from CD Europe.


Share...this technology is wonderful...

It is all about sharing. Sharing music has always been something that I love to do. Turning friends on to new music, or sharing a song or CD/LP I have that they don't. In the brief time that I have had this site I have experienced several acts of kindness in sharing.

I think the one the currently stands out is a new friend from Germany read my site and noticed that I didn't have (and wanted) The new CD single in Europe "Lay Down" (radio edit); "Ruby Tuesday" (featuring Big Reggie); "Ruby Tuesday" (pop mix); "Ruby Tuesday" (rock version) and "Sine On" (short version). (My latest questions is does anyone know where the longer versions can be found!)

Anyhow Michael emailed me and asked if I would intereseted in him sending it to me. I don't think I have ever typed YES so quickly. We decided I would share the Borders CD when it is released. However - he went ahead and purchaed it - sent it airmail to me so I would have if in time for Christmas. I just can't begin to explain how much this touched me. This internet tecnology has the ability to unite Melanie fans. It is proof positive how powerful Melanie's talent is. The impact her music had on so many in such a positive way. It was a unique time when Melane began her career - and I do believe she was in it to give of herself - her talent - her music - her sincere love and desire of peace to people to get "close to it all". And here it is years later - and from culture and country to country to culture it sill is a united feeling and the love of her music is shared. How few people have accomplished that. Melanie was so far ahead of her time. One of the - if not the - first artist to walk out on stage guitar in hand and sing for hours and leaving people wanting more and proud to have experienced the moment. With Lilith Fair and all these new female artists arriving - they don't know what it really was - albums out every 3 - 6 months - standing on your own - no tour of other females to support you. In summary, what I wanted to say - is there are "beautiful people" still out there and Michael is one of them. The pleasure he gave me is one of I remember so well from my childhood and college days when I would receive a new Melanie LP or single. The best thing I can say about it is it sounds like the Melanie I remember from way back when - which is a compliment - Melanie sounds more like Melanie than she has in years. And Beau is certainly carving out his place and style as a unique guitar player as heard on "Shine On."

If you are interested in sharing, please let me know, email me at


I would love to have...

I understand that there is a new CD produced by Beau out in Europe. Does anyone know how I can get this? Or would you like to trade something. The Borders CD will be coming out soon - by the way I have a copy of it - and I can buy copies and send if you don't have a Borders in your area. I also want the two-cd "Live At Carnegie Hall" and "Madrugada" and like everyone "Photograph". If you have any insight - please email me -


A promotional picture from Tomato Records for Ballroom Streets.

Even though it was from Tomato Records - I used this as a photograph for a review I did on Melanie's Portrait Records single release for "One More Try" backed with "Apathy". I'll type in the review in the next week or so. It was published in The Ohio State University Lantern, a daily paper that I had to write for in order to receive my public relations degree, since I selected to get the degree through Journalism deoarment rather than communication. Stay posted.


From my archives - An article in After Dark Magazine



Pass it on...

Please pass this site on to your friends - or anyone who may have an interest in Melanie. I will be adding information and I hope pictures and news and information - copies of press releases I have etc - so stay tuned. Any suggestions would be appreciated, email me


Melanie are you out there...

Melanie if you are surfing - please email me - - or if you know how to contact Melanie or Peter or Beau by email - please send them to this page - and please if you visited, send me your name - so I can publish a guest book. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit and read.


Melanie, Judy Collins and Richie Havens in USA Today for a "new" Woodstock

If I recall they had signed some "peace" treaty about holding the festival due to some money hungry business folks who were trying to hold some event just to make money and not share goodwill to all humanity through the beauty of music.


Other Melanie sites...



Fan Letters from Melanie...

I don't yet have the ability to scan my fan letters in - however I have sent various things to David for his Melanie Music Society site. You can see a couple letters from my collection if you visit his site at Click on "Letters From Melanie". Also, I have some photographs on the site - however I always have a hard time finding them - I believe if you go into photos and 1978 one is there - my name is under the photo - hopefully soon I will have these items here - but David has a great site - so please visit.


Thanks for staying close to it all....

I can't believe in the short time I have had this very simple site - how many wonderful emails I have received. I am saving them all and appreciate the kind words and information. If you want me to list your web page on Melanie - I will - simply for you doing the same. And if you don't have a page but want to hear from other Melanie fans let me know and I will list email addresses. Thanks to all for being "one" and "walking through life - close to it all"....Marc


Melanie - at her finest!



There is always next year for the Chirstmas CD - Antlers!

With the Holiday season approaching if you haven't already picked it up - be sure to check out Melanie's Chistmas CD "Antlers - A Christmas For True Belivers". It is beautiful and was released last year and contains 20 songs - including four originals - "True Believers" - "Ships In The Harbor" - "Christmas Lullaby" and "Tonights The Kind Of Night". Melanie actually produced the CD - and the her voice sparkles like the brighest of ornaments and the arrangements are along the traditional lines. Beau - her son - produced two songs "with attitude" "True Believers and "Good King Wenceslaus" which both also appear in prodcued be Melanie. Beau also adapeted and arranged "Coventry Carol". There is not "filler" on the CD - which includes - "Marvelous Toy" written by Tom Paxton. Other highlights include "Hallelujah"; "O Holy Night"; "Virgin Mary/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"; "Come All Ye Gaithful" and "I Saw Three Ships" among others. The truth and sincerity in Melanie's voice is as powerful as ever and it is a CD I'm sure Melanie is very proud of - especially thw work her talented son has done. Check it out at online CD stores to hear samples - or better yet - pick it up at Borders when you go to get Melanie Live. Happy Holidays and Good Cheer!


Who am I...


  • Marc Mercurio
  • My background has included a lot of involement in the music industry- including:
  • Advertising and Promotion Director of an outdoor concert ampitheather
  • Advertising and Promotion Manager for a 40 store music chain in 5 markets
  • Writing music and concert reviews, for both local and national publications
  • My claim to fame, being mentioned in Billboard Magazine
  • Favorite experiences of meeting artists:
  • Melanie of course
  • Joni Mitchell, I asked Robbie Robertson to please move so I could sit next to her, he did.
  • Natalie Merchant, so many times in a short time she asked, don't I know you?
  • Seal, we hit it off because we both admire Joni Mitchell
  • Then there is Mitchell, named after?




Please stay "close to it all" and visit often - tell your friends - and feel free to email me at Thank you