A Christmas for


(Words and music by Melanie Safka and Jake Jaekle)

When I was just a little kid peeking around the corner
Mom and Dad would pull in the Christmas tree, decorated before morning
And I'd look for Santa in the Christmas Eve sky and the Angel, I did see her
With the King of Kings and the Ghost of Christmas past, a True Believer

And I kept believing 'til one year came, I saw no reason for the season
The outstretched hand of humanity, couldn't find the hope or the meaning
I think I sipped a little more than a cup
Sang the songs to keep me breathing
With the King of Kings and the Ghost of Christmas past, a True Believer

I can't help choking up at the face of wonder
Giving away more than I am earning
It's a Christmas folly, It's a passion play
The life in my soul returning
And I still look up at the Christmas sky for the Angel, do I see her
With the King of Kings and the Ghost of Christmas past, and True Believers

I always wanted to do a Christmas album. Fans requested it, and I meant to do one, but there was always something. Recording contracts to be fulfilled, no time, and perhaps a gnawing suspicion that I would just be mouthing some "Ye Olde Worldie" Christmas songs, without really having the intention to communicate their messages. I am very spiritual, but not in an organized way, so I had doubts as to whether or not I could really do it right. I was never too crazy about the Hollywood-era Christmas songs. Except for Nat King Cole's album, most of those leave me cold. So I started gathering my favorite traditional songs, and realized I only knew first verses and choruses, here and there. I started researching the songs, writing out all of the verses by hand. Words jumped off the page as I kept getting the message that we are spiritual beings and life everlasting. As I began to record these old carols, I felt I was connecting with the events, which led to Christmas. It was very big! I had become a Christmas medium. I was channelling Christmas energies. Don't laugh I've always loved Christmas and now I know why. Very powerful stuff. I felt I was with the writers of the songs. During the recording of this album, I was inspired to write "True Believers" with Jake Jaekle. There is so much truth in music, it's no wonder that governments and powers-that-be need to keep it under control. Christmas music breaks out. It's good to know there will always be little pockets of light kept alive in the music. May you find all that is good in this season, and may it carry you all through the year.

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