Robert K. Meyer II Poems


These are not really about Melanie, but I've been a fan since I heard the (then new) single, "Look

What They've Done To My Song, Ma".

            SILENCE (1975)


What do you do when you're all alone?

Do you turn up the music or reach for the phone?

People work all day, they say,

They do it for the peaceful joys.

But when they get some empty time

They fill it up with empty noise.

In their addiction they grasp and reach

Yet there is much silence can teach:

    Great things are said without speaking a word

    and the best music often goes by unheard.



Robert K Meyer II


THE  TAO  OF  LOVE (1989)


To say "I love you"

is not really a true love.

Love is mystery.


We are not the same.

I think too much but you act.

See, we harmonize.


When people seek love,

even when they find it, they

love only seeking.


My love seems empty.

Gazing at you, I am filled.

Filled, but still hungry.



Robert K Meyer II

             COMMUNICATE (1979)


Communicate with me, don't be afraid.

It's true I'm awkward, moving at snail's pace

and dumb.  The printed page is my device,

my readers, to convey and to confide.


Communicate, my camouflaged Life-Guide.

I know I've paid not complement nor made

complaint; but now I'm seeking Wisdom, Grace,

or failing that, let structured prayer suffice.


Communicate with poetry.  Entice

lethargic souls to come with you to ride

behind the words to meaning and evade

the vain; to see the mind, not just the face.


Communicate across the void of space,

the oceans separating worlds of ice

with isolated phrases in which hide

the phases: vanish, disappear, and fade.



Robert K Meyer II



Some hippie artist created quite a stir in 1969

with a statue of you,

neon halo.


What mystified local art critics most was your hands,

not one right and one left,

but two left hands.


I've seen your African incarnations, the Chinese ones,

and Guadeloupe too,

Mother of all.


But remembering your statue I understand that you are

also the Madonna

of stroke patients.



Robert K Meyer II

        WONDER WOMAN (1995)


Diana Prince, who brings Truth, Justice, and

the Amazonian Way, bravely fights

against each mindless masculine command

and so controls their apish appetites.

Like Emma Peel (Avenger absolute)

all underhanded males are crushed below

a righteous female foot (bare or in boot)

to silence boasting brutes.  They're women's woe.

Men must be strictly taught obedience

to every feminine superior,

or else, through blundering incompetence,

they'd run and ruin Paradise and more.

So get your golden lasso, liberate

and let the macho myth disintegrate.



Robert K Meyer II





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