B/W cover of Unchained Melanie CD

"This is a project recorded in two parts The thought was to get to you the flow and purity of a live performance with superb players and ideal sound, which isn't always the case in large performances" - Melanie

The Connecticut home sessions:

The Florida sessions:

Side I

  1. Unchained Melody (Alex North, Hy Zaret) - ASCAP - Frank Music Corp.
  2. Too Late To Go (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing. Inc.
  3. Bitterblue (Cat Stevens) - BMI - IslandMusic, Inc.
  4. Rainbow Race (Peter LaFarge) - ASCAP - Appleseed Music, Inc.
  5. You Don't Know Me (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing, Inc.
  6. Every Breath You Take (Sting) - ASCAP - Illegal Songs. Inc.
  7. Prematurely Grey (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing, Inc.

Side 2

  1. If My Heart Should Lose It's Way (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing, Inc.
  2. I Never Had A Clue (Melanie Safka and Ken LaVoie) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing,Inc., Boo Music
  3. Natural Man (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Two Story Publishing, Inc.
  4. Record Machine (Melanie Safka) - (Additional Lyrics Melanie Safka and Jess Leary) -ASCAP Neighborhood Music Publishing, inc., Leary's Tavern, Inc.
  5. Long Long Time (Gary White) - ASCAP - MCA, Inc.
  6. Missing You (John Waite, Charles Sandford. Maric Leonard) - ASCAP - Fallwater Music,Inc., Markmeem Music, WB Music, Alley Music Corp.
  7. If I Needed You (Melanie Safka) - ASCAP - Neighborhood Music Publishing, Inc., EMI April Music, Inc.

Special thanks to those whose flow of energy and support never wavers - Greg Barq, Nancy Bunon, Dorothy Godfrey, Jere and Marie-Dominique Jarrett, Fenton Jones, Patti Petow and Wilma van Gend. "Unchained Melody" is dedicated to my long time friend, Maddy Miller. New friends - Craig Frisbee, Susan Strup, David Comtois and Lee Weissman.

Art Director - Patti Petow

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I know what 2347 is, so should you! What does VTM stand for?

MTV backwards? Vocal Tuting by Melanie? Very Truly Melanie?

Answer is Visions Through Music!