53 Baymont, Suite 5

Clearwater, Florida 33767

Dear Ones,

I thank all of you for your letters. I'm still reading them. They have flooded in. It gives me a good feeling to know all of you are out there and like what I am doing.

In answer to your many questions, I will try to bring you up-to-date.

Basically, I've been raising a family - Beau-Jarred, Jeordie and Leilah. They have been growing up during the making of my upcoming album "Precious Cargo". They supplied background vocal for some of the songs, including "Loving The Boy Next Door" before their voices changed; and Jeordie and Leilah as young women in "Rock and Roll Heart", among others on the album.

I've also continued my writing and have been doing concerts in Europe, etc. So, I really have not been idle since "Brand New Key".

My goals have changed over the years. I'm creating lyrics and music for another new album consistent with my own goals. I'm able to do this with the help of an independent record company instead of a major label. My goals from now on will be to communicate messages of love and affinity to as many people as I can possibly reach. Many of you have had a chance to preview my upcoming album "Precious Cargo" and your response indicates that you are happy with this and that makes me happy.

Your letters contain many requests for my autograph, current photos, schedule, source of records, how to start a fan club, etc., etc. My autograph is on this letter. I have no current photo that I am happy with, but I am getting some made. You can buy the "Precious Cargo" CD by mailing $16.00 to the above address.

I recently appeared at the Belgium International Music Festival. The response was overwhelming. I've enclosed a sample of the responses. I also appeared on Nashville Now on August 19th with rave reviews. I've also made numerous TV and radio appearances with tremendous success, but I would like to do still more to get my music to everyone.

Also you will be happy to hear that M.A.C. "Mature Adult Contemporary" picked a song from my album as one of the 10 best songs of July, 1991. It was included in a CD that they sent to several hundred top radio stations.

I have enclosed a separate survey to gather helpful information. Please don't feel you have to answer this. Answer any one or all of the questions. You're still my #1.

As to a national or international fan club organization. Some questions on the survey apply to that also. Please answer those to help us with some guidelines.

Love to all,

P.S. GOOD NEWS! "Precious Cargo" is going to be released nationally in January, 1992.