All The Right Noises

(Cert AA 1971) A 20th Century Fox Film Original Music by Melanie Safka Produced by Max L. Raab. Directed by Gerry O'Hara.

Len Lewin (stage/film electrician), lives happily with his wife Joy (bit part player), and their two children.

He gets a job with a musical touring company in London's West End.

An affair with Val, a member of the chorus soon follows.

When he finds out she is only 15, he tries to end the affair, but Val begs him not to leave her.

Joy is offered a part in a T.V. ad with location work in Majorca. Len persuades her to accept, so that he can stay with the company for it's provincial tour.

While Joy is away, Len and Val return to Len's London flat where they stay the night.

Len and Val nearly get caught when Joy returns earlier than expected from Majorca.

When they return to the show, Val tells Len she is pregnant.
While Len hurriedly arranges an abortion she tells him it was a false alarm.

Len comes to his senses.
When the tour ends, he tells Val, he loves his family too much to leave them, but still wants to continue seeing her. Val prefers a clean break - they part.

At home, Joy finds Val's hair ribbon, considers it thoughtfully, but says nothing to Len.