More recollections

These were the days of pre-digitisation, (if only I had then, what I have now!)
No DTP, no scanner, no computer!(I know there wasn't CDs too!)
I stumbled across a Community centre &; Coffee shop &; book store who,
for a modest fee allowed the use of their typewriter and duplicator,
this was Centerprise in Dalston Lane, London E8, they're now in
Kingsland High St. Notables at Centerprise deserving thanks
include….Anthony (who became Council Leader for a while) and
Dorothy Wise (who's cousin had promoted the Free Rolling Stones
Concert in Hyde Park in 1969, remember? a few days after Brian Jones

Thanks to Fred. Fred was the head roadie on one of Melanie's tours of the
UK .I was earning my crust at a Builders' Merchants in London selling
Wallpaper and floorcoverings.
Coincidence: Fred was also a Builder and a regular customer.
When he saw me by one of the Stage doors on the tour, he let me join the roadies!

Admission: Melanie, remember the idiot bouncer who tried to blow out my sparkler?

Admission: Melanie, remember Mr Homogenised?
(I had hitch hiked my way to a venue up North, I had bought a pint carton of
milk en-route. When some of us sat on stage around Melanie, a sudden
thirst came over me, Melanie picked the milk up and read out the

Coincidence: A member gave a few of us a lift to his hometown Weston-
Super-Mare, which is south of Bristol. He couldn't put us up in his home,
but knew a Park in which there was an old Amphi-theatre, we had to walk
through some woods to a clearing where we stayed the night.
The next-day at the concert in Bristol, Melanie performed a new song with
lyrics "Clearing In The Wood......I hope you remember me good".
Unfortunately this song was never released.
It was quite amazing she sang this, we wondered if somehow she knew
where we were the night before?
It was nothing like going to a Randy Newman concert to hear him sing
'Davy, the Fat Boy'