R.P.M. (Revolutions Per Minute)

A Columbia-Warner Film (1970/71)
Starring Anthony Quinn Ann-Margaret Gary Lockwood
Written by Erich Segal
Music by Barry Devorzon/Perry Botkin
Produced and Directed by Stanley Kramer

Scene: An American University.

The Principle has just retired due to old age.

The students have a chance to elect a new Principle of their choice.
Poco (Anthony Quinn) is elected as he is like a student.
He rides a motorcycle and lives with a 21 year old girl, though he is 53.

The students think he would make things easier, and hand him 12 demands.
Poco can agree to 9 of these, but not the 3 that deal with examinations.
The Trustees and Governors would not agree to students having any control
over examinations.
Poco asks the students to accept the nine, and try later for the rest.

The students refuse and take over a computer block. They say they will destroy
the computers if all 12 of their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, afraid the computers will get damaged, the Trustees and Governors
call in the riot police.

A truncheon and tear gas battle follows with the arrest of 50 or so students.

Poco bails the students out with University funds, but is still rejected by the
students for going over to authority.

The film ends with Poco realising how old he is, and not able to do what
the young students do ….