Proposed Special CD Pressings of past albums

Please cast your vote 0-9 and how much you would be willing to pay for each of the following:
There is no obligation to any party by submitting this form. Purely research at present.

Original Album Title Vote 0-9 Willing to pay Votes todate %
updated June 2000

Stoneground Words 14.8
Madrugada 14.7
As I See It Now 11.8
Sunset and Other Beginnings 12.7
Photograph 13.9
Phonogenic 13.9
Arabesque 10.5
Seventh Wave 7.7

Note: There have been NO negotiations as yet for above, I imagine a figure of $3000 (2000) per album, would be the minimum to undertake any of the above pressings.
A repeat submission will cancel the previous submission. One submission per E-mail address.
As far as I know, none of the above have ever been released on CD. If you know different - please advise.
-------------Forwarded Message-----------------
Get your friends and neighbors and mothers and you sisters and your aunts 
and cousins to request that Melanie's back catalog of albums be reissued.
1. Photograph. E-Mail Rhino at and request the ten tracks in the vault. 
Let them know that this is a classic album!
2. Gather Me, Stoneground Words, Melanie at Carnegie Hall, Madrugada. 
E-Mail Hip-o Records at (ask for any tracks that were done for these particular albums that did not make it onto the albums).
3. As I See It Now, Sunset and Other Beginnings. E-Mail Buddha Records at   
There are lots of tracks in the vault for Sunset and Other Beginnings 
that would have made a double record set. It did not happen, though. 
We could have a really full CD with this one! 
If you have already written to the above, write them again. Do it monthly or weekly. 
Write from friends' computers and spread the word. 
Melanie wants these reissued and so does Beau. 
I know that first hand as I spoke with both of them about it. 

This has been a Melanie Reissue the LPs on CDs campaign message on behalf of Dennis

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