11th, April 1989

BBC Radio 2 (UK)

Gloria Hunnerford

Transcribed by D. J. Boldinger

……… R u b y … T u e s d a y (Original version) ………

……… R u b y … T u e s d a y (Cowabonga version) ………

Gloria: Cowabonga?

Melanie: I liked it when I first thought of it, Cowabonga, it's not a familiar word here. It's kinda like 'WOW!' How it came about is; in a Buster Keaton movie long, long, long ago, he was a surfer, he played a surfer from California and he said, when he saw this humungous wave, he went 'COWABONGA!' Ever since then surfers have been using that term, and that seemed like a good idea; 'WOW!' ' kind of a nice oozie title for a oozie type person.

Gloria: The album is a bit of family effort, because your husband, he took the photographs…

Melanie: He took the photograph, my son did the little logo, he's the official Cowabonga guy, he is drawn at the bottom, my son drew that, he's eight.

Gloria: It's nice to get that involvement isn't it?

Melanie: Oh yea! Then, I don't know it any other way, without my family as part of it.

Gloria: So, what kind of material have you put on the new album, is it basically all new stuff?

Melanie: It's all new, it's taken me years and years to put this one together, aside from Ruby Tuesday, obviously, and I recorded a song by Melvina Reynolds, it's called "What Have They Done To The Rain", other than that, it's all new songs. We recorded it all over the United States.

……… What Have They Done To The Rain (Live) ………

Gloria: Melanie, may I thank you very much, I love it when there's live music in the studio, you put so much effort into it as well, it's terrific. Thank you ever so much, and good luck with those concerts, and just to give everyone those dates; The Shaw Theatre, here in London, April 20th and 21st.

And of course thank you to Alan as well for the vocals and extra backing, see you soon I hope.

Melanie: Okay, Thanks very much, bye ….

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