19th Dec 1997

Be Here Now

Words and pictures by Eric Dillenbeck

"Special Christmas Concert with Melanie", accompanied by Beau Jarred, his first tour with her.

Christmas set.

They played very good seasonal music for 235 minutes. Most from the CD, "Antlers" and probably 8-10 other songs including "Brand New Key", "Carolina in My Mind", "Psychotherapy", "I Don't Eat Animals" and "Beautiful People" and more.

The concert was great. There were many, many requests for the older songs, but Melanie seemed to stick pretty much to her planned Christmas set.

I think she had to stay close to her planned songs since Beau probably didn't know that many of her other songs.

Beau sang harmonies, together with backup guitar..

Melanie and Beau sign autographs


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