August 1998

A Day In The Garden

I watched some over the Internet, here is what I know of Melanie's set. .

Main Vocal: and guitar Melanie Safka Schekeryk
Second guitar: Beau-Jarred Schekeryk (Melanie's 17 years old son)
Backing vocals: by her two daughters, Leilah and Jeordie. (Known as Safka)
All songs written by Melanie Safka unless indicated otherwise in (brackets)
Perceive It
Song for Robert Johnson (Mike Heron)
Summer of Love
Brand New Key
Come to Florida <new>
Momma Momma
Center Of The Circle
What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?
Freedom Knows My Name
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)
Psychotherapy PD <Encore>

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