Ace of Diamonds

Ace of Diamonds was a musical based on letters that Calamity Jane wrote to her daughter that Melanie wrote the lyrics and music for. . . some of the songs that we have come to love from it were Hand Me Downs (Golden Chains) and Runnin' After Love.
The musical was workshopped in NY in 1981 or 1982 and there was a public reading - you can hear all the songs at Melanie Multimedia Site Real Audio of Ace Of Diamonds web page.
Apparently - so the story goes, the lead producer died before it could make it to Broadway and the project fell through. The book had a lot of problems, but the music was great.

Brian Jucha

From Marc Mercurio's archives

NOTES AND QUOTES: Remember Melanie, the singer with the little-girl voice who rose to fame more than a decade ago with the hit song Brand New Key? She'll be back on stage in New York with the lead role in a new musical called "Ace of Diamonds", about the life of Calamity Jane. . . . by Joe Blundo
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