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October 29, 1993

Dear Mark,

Thanks so much for ordering Melanie's "Freedom Knows My Name" album. I know you'll be thrilled with it.

Melanie has just returned from a very successful tour of Germany promoting her album "Silence Is King" which was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in June. Enclosed is a translation of just one of the wonderful articles that were printed about Melanie. we thought you'd enjoy it. (By the way, we do have a few copies of the "Silence Is King" CD here if you're interested. It's the same as the first songs on "Freedom Knows My Name" with a different cover for Germany, but "Freedom Knows My Name" has 6 bonus tracks from the upcoming unplugged "Silver Anniversary" album. However, you might just want it for your collection, since it's not being released in the US as "Silence Is King".)

There are plans for a US tour, but it's in its first stages right now. And we need your help on it. I've enclosed a little survey for you to fill out. I know we've sent out something similar in the past, but this information will be used by the Lonestar Records staff to get a tour set up for Melanie. And maybe we can get her to your town. So, please fill it out and return it to us as soon as possible. Also you need to call the record stores in your area and ask if they carry the "Freedom Knows My Name" album. Please talk it up. I'd love to hear about the responses you get from the record stores. So write me back on what happens.

More exciting news! Look for Melanie is a Pepsi commercial starting in January. Word has it that the first time it will be shown is during the Super Bowl. How About That!!! Also there's another album in the works. Melanie's "Silver Anniversary" album should be released in early 1994. But, l just got word from Lonestar Records that the fan club will have copies of the "Silver Anniversary" before it's released to the stores. It's a double album with 25 tracks of Melanie's old favorites re-recorded unplugged, plus a bunch of new songs done unplugged. If you want a pre-release copy, the cost will be $23.00. As soon as we get them, probably late November or early December, you'll have it.

Again, thanks so much for ordering the album. ENJOY!!!!!


Jan Savoie

Melanie FAN CLUB

HAZ Landreiszeitung October 8, 1993


Melanie's Performance at the Langenhagen Theater

Melanie doesn't perform, she makes an entrance. Despite the sterility of the auditorium, in spite of the loudspeakers that built a barrier between her and the audience, this singer of old Woodstock times seemingly comes into the living room of old friends and not into a concert hall. The concert immediately; turns into a family gathering with a cozy chat and home-style music. Enthusiastic whistles and shouts greet good old Melanie plus son and daughter.

As on stage, two generations are sitting in the audience as well. The people in their mid-forties and their children. But with the outfits the difference in age becomes blurred. Headbands here and there, shaggy hair, and tight orange T-shirts. "Now we'll sing a bit for you", says Melanie, and who feel like it can dance. And as casually as she comes on stage, the whole evening progresses. Her fans in the only half-filled hall have tears in their eyes, loudly they call out the titles they wish to hear and she plays them. Meanwhile, the seats are emptying, while the floor in front of the stage fills up. And the bundle of energy, Melanie, continues to sing, laughs and talks, spreads good cheer, lightness and beautiful dreams. It isn't even great songs or the great voice of the woman with the flowing lion's mane that make Melanie's performance so special, but exactly because of the absence of superlatives and excesses that the evening turns out really great. The old star of bygone days sells feeling. And that goes down well, even today. Thunderous applause and encores.

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