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Dear Friends,

I've certainly been getting a lot of letters lately ~ and at this moment I'm happy to tell you the fan mail is out weighing the creditors, and for this, I truly thank you.

Some of you might be aware that over the past century, I have been keeping busy, vital and relevant. Vital and relevant to what or whom? ... Well sometimes it's my 3 children, Leilah 18, Jeordie 16 5/8ths, Beau Jarred 11, or sometimes it's concert audiences speaking Flemish -- go on, what nationality does that make them?-- or audiences even speaking English, with cow/boy to cracker accents -- "Come 'ere li'l darlin, an sing us that one bout the Skate Key." Sometimes its radio programmers, DJ, producers, Directors of T\/ shows or movies. So where have you been? I got one letter form a 16 year old who prefaced it with "please don't take this wrong, but I thought you were dead." Now really, I don't take this wrong, the concept of my death being recognized while I'm still living, is a kind of humorous relief. Reminds me of something Mark Twain is noted as saying and applies to anyone who thought perhaps I pill-popped myself in paradise with Janice & Jimmy ~ "The report of my death have been grossly exaggerated" M.T.

For those of you who have received my first newsletter and survey, thank you for responding with so much helpful information and kind support. With your continued help, I'm sure I'll get to perform in an area close to you.

I'm bound and determined to keep singing, writing, and recording music. Our Independent label, "Precious Cargo", did release an album of the same name, which is now only available through mail order. A national release will be forthcoming I.T.\/.N.F. In the very near future. That is why it is not available in stores as of yet. If you want one, the details are in the survey, if not I don't hold it against you.

My dear ones, I do hope my agenda brings me to where you are. The odd thing is, the common denominator is always there in all of us, whatever the language, we're all in this together, and for however long it takes

Keep your glow on

love Melanie

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