Concert review by Eileen Riordan



Melanie was very sick during the first show.  Between the two shows she got a massage from someone who just happened to be there, she started second show by saying how some angel helped her between shows and gave her a bowl of green stuff to drink full of some enzymes. 

You should have seen how bad she looked just getting out of the car when they arrived. 

I think she made a mistake by opening first show by saying "I have the grundge" because I still think she sang well but couldn't stop coughing at the end of each song.  The second show was excellent; she still coughed but not as much. 


Locals were offended by Melanie's first remarks in the first show "Oh, I'm playing at a lunchette".  She didn't mean any malice - it was true; it was an eating place.  What the sensitive part is; is that Homestead was levelled by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and there was no more Homestead.  Everything was completely gone and that little cafe represents a rebuilding of their lives.

Melanie could have cancelled and didn't.


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