Unknown sorce Feb 19 1971


MELANIE: Stop! I don't Wanna Hear It Any More (Buddah).

MELANIE has a hard voice that isn't to everyone's taste. But beneath the harshness, there's an underlying sensitivity and conviction, which— to me, at any rate — have a strangely hypnotic effect. This philosophic ballad is handled quietly in the verses, with the gal's hoarse whisper backed only by rippling acoustic guitar.

Then it breaks into a jaunty semi-martial pace in the lusty chorus, complete with Sousa-like shrill flutes. It comes from the film " R.P.M. "—which doesn't mean much to me— and is a fairly short piece, not really giving Melanie very much time in which to make her presence felt.

But such is the girl's popularity (judging from the recent NME Poll) that it could be a hit, even though it's not one of her best discs.

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