SYDNEY SUN-HERALD 8th February 1976

MELANIE Safka, the lady who had a succession of charted singles in the early seventies, will tour in March.

At the age of 28, with 15 albums and hits like Candles In The Rain, What Have They Done To My Song Ma and Brand New Key behind her, Melanie's talent continues to grow.

Fans of her acoustic folk-blues style will doubtless be pleased to hear that in Sydney the concert date is March 21.

The tour starts in Melbourne on March 6 and winds up in Canberra on the 24th.

Three New Zealand concerto are to follow.



Sydney's line-up
of pop concerts


 Now that Neil Diamond has given his Australian concerts, it is time to look at others to be staged in Sydney in the next two months.

 On March 19 Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee will be at the Town Hall after an earlier concert on March 17 at the University of NSW.

 Next month Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player of Six Wives of Henry VIII and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, tours Australia, and his Sydney concerts will be at the Hordern Pavilion on April 6 and 7.

- This Sunday the Split Enz group will perform at the Capitol Theatre as part of a "farewell" tour of the Eastern States. The group flies to London at the end of the month to record an L.P.

 On April 14 David Essex, who played Jesus in the London stage production and film of Godspell, will give one concert at the Hordern Pavilion as part of an Australian tour.

 On April 20 Charles Aznavour has a concert at the Pavilion.

 On March 21 Melanie Safka will be at Sydney Town Hall and neat month the former Peter Paul and Mary partner, Paul Stookey, has a Town Hall concert, on April 23..

 On April 20. 21 and 23 the Daly Wilson Big Band finishes a national tour with three concerts in Sydney at the Capitol Theatre.


SYDNEY TV WEEK 13th March 1976


MELANIE, the American singer-composer currently touring Australia, has commissioned a Melbourne television producer to record her next single and to produce and direct her in a film for world-wide release.

 The offer, to Channel 9 producer Wayne Rogers, was made by Melanie and her husband-manager, Peter Schekeryk, after Melanie's televised appearance on the opening concert for Melbourne's Moomba festival.

 Rogers produced the show, which so impressed Melanie sound- wise and visually that she approached Rogers and the show's sound man, Colin Stephensen, about getting involved with her next single release.

 Immediate steps have been taken to record the selfpenned song, Remember Me Good, at Channel 9's TCS studios. It will then be released world-wide through Festival Records.

 Rogers, as well, will produce and direct a film on the making of the record, which will also be released worldwide.

Melanie in concert.




"It's a very exciting prospect," Rogers told TV WEEK. "Melanie is such a marvellous artist to work with.

"She even cancelled three concerts in Philadelphia so she could appear on the Moomba concert.

"I'm very much looking forward to working with her once again. We're sure the record will be yet another smash hit for her.




Australia DAILY TELEGRAPH, Wednesday. March 17, 1976


Extra Sydney concerts have been organised for Leo Sayer and Melanie because -of a heavy demand for tickets.

Sayer, who performed at a record five Melbourne shops during his - first Australian tour last dear, will give the extra concert this Sunday.

 The concert, the second of two extra shows to be arranged will be at the Hordern Pavilion from 2 pm.


Sayer will give his last Sydney show later that day..

Melanie's additional performance will be at the Sydney Town Hall on Thursday March 25.

It will be her farewell show before flying is New Zealand.

Tickets for the Leo Sayer and Melanie extra concerts will be available from today.




The American singer Melanie Safka was interviewed by Customs officers in Sydney yesterday after newspaper reports that she had brought Lucerne seeds to Australia.

 Miss Safka arrived in Sydney yesterday from Brisbane. A spokesman for her said Customs men spent two hours interviewing her.

 He said she kept the seeds for food.

 "She's a bit of a health freak - doesn't drink, or smoke and insists on having a juice extractor in her suite so she can get fresh drinks," the spokesman said.

 He said the customs officials had been "quite satisfied" with the results of the interview and "just about become health freaks too."

Miss Safka is in Sydney for concerts at the Town Hall tomorrow and on Thursday.



Australia The Entertainer, Wednesday. April 3rd, 1976

MELANIE killed them at her performance at the Sydney Town Hall, and one member of the audience was moved to compare her with, dare we say it, Neil Diamond. He said he thought she established the same rapport with her audience as Diamond did with his Sports Ground Concert.

 While Melanie's tour has had a few behind-the-scenes problems, it seems she is one who is only interested in performing. Her visit has been marked by the minimum of razzmatazz, which was quite a relief after the outpourings of schmaltz associated with the Diamond Tour.





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