10th August 1998

Melanie at The Turning Point

I saw Melanie at The Turning Point for her 5:00 show and, as expected, Melanie was amazing. The woman truly is ageless in her looks and her talent. She only gets better! Outside of being in incredible voice, what REALLY got me this time was her sense of humor! This never came out in her earlier concerts, but the woman is a natural comedian. This comes through not only in her patter, but in her music as well. She sang two songs that I never heard of before, "Let's Move to Florida," and "Bald." Her comic timing and delivery were equal to Bette Midler!!

It is very rare for someone to be able to convey that great sense of the absurd and have the audience "busting their gut", only to turn around and sing something in a way that will just about break your heart. Her rendition of "Beautiful People" was one of the finest I've ever heard her do.

I'm returning tonight for her 7:30 show and cannot wait.


Well, they were just wonderful! Melanie looked very well.

Her performance was excellent. Her sense of humor shone through-- giving the feeling that she is at peace with herself and made the audience feel that we all were close friends with her. Her voice was also in excellent condition.

She made the audience feel so close to her throughout the performance.

Some new songs--"Leftover Emotion"--very nice, "Bald"----excellent!, "Let's go to Florida" a hilarious song performed well.

Tom Stacklin

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