Watchung Arts Center


June 12, 2002


Dear Peter:

 Congratulations on your part in putting together the magical Melanie concert that the Watchung Arts Center Folk Concert Series presented on Friday, June 7.


  As a presenter, I found Melanie to be a dream to present. Her publicist worked tirelessly to arrange print and radio coverage. You and Melanie plainly considered this to be a Special event and approached it with lots of love and energy. And, I appreciated how flexible and accommodating you were as we learned on-the-job how to present a concert in the new location we used for the show.


 As one person in the crowded hall, I and everyone in the room was overwhelmed by both Melanie and Beau. Beau is so charming and talented that my staff is still talking about him with awe. Melanie created a loving and intimate space with the audience, weaving personal stories, joking with audience members, and creating a very special chemistry. The best proof of the audience's affection for Melanie was the 45-minute-long line after the concert to meet her, get an autograph, and buy her new CD.


 It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you, and I'll look forward to an encore.


Scott Sheldon

Watchung Arts Center

Folk Concert Series

Watchung, New Jersey


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