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Though the lovely Melanie is now an established favourite in Britain, the fact remains that it took her a long time to break through here. She had been hitting it big in her native America and on the Continent for some 18 months. In the autumn of 1970, she soared high in our album charts with 'Candles In The Rain' and a few weeks later had a singles hit with the Jagger/Richard song 'Ruby Tuesday'.

Few, if any, of Melanie's fans would claim she is a 'good' singer. Her voice is inclined to be croaky and jerky. But it has great emotional appeal. Moreover, she has an undoubted gift for song-writing.

Melanie's surname is Safka. She is of Ukrainian parents. She was born in New York in 1947. Her mother was a jazz singer and pianist.

While still at college, Melanie began her professional career with a singing engagement at a club called The Quay in New Jersey. When she left, she was undecided whether to try for a career in acting or singing. Fate decided for her !

One day she went to audition for a part in a musical play - taking her guitar. By mistakeshe wandered into a music publisher's office in the building. A disc producer happened to be there. His name was Peter Schekeryk.

Bowled over by her attractiveness - and noting her guitar - he asked her to sing. Not long after, she was signed to a disc contract.

But that stroke of fate decided something more than Melanie's career. Pete became not only her mentor in show business, but her husband !

Melanie's bid for fame was helped in Britain by her appearance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. She succeeded despite the difficulties.

Though - because of the way the schedules worked out - she didn't go on till early in the morning, she delighted those still in the audience and her visit triggered off quite a bit of publicity.

The start of 1971 found Melanie again in both our charts - with the single 'Peace Will Come' and with the album 'Candles In The Rain' proving a sustained seller.

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