Daily Mirror (UK) 13th June 1972

Melanie: seeking the simple life.

Melanie gets her skates on

WHEN American pop singer Melanie flies into town she heads straight for the Yoga Centre for a rundown on where the simple life is happening.

The 25-year-old star, who sings about roller skates like her heart's going to break along with her voice, has no time for high living.

Her idea of a good meal is live yoghurt, organically grown vegetables and peppermint tea sweetened with natural honey.

The very thought of a night-club horrifies her, "I don't drink and I object to breathing in other people's smoke."

The American folk artist flew here just for the one London open-air concert.

A fleeting visit, But that's how Melanie likes it to be, " I haven't stayed in one spot for a long time."

The star travels light. Just a couple of suitcases and a few coloured stones as lucky charms


She likes to carry a dog around with her for company, but, she sighs, they all grow too big.

Five of her dogs were being looked after by a friend in America while nature-girl Melanie Stayed in an expensive suite in London's Mayfair hotel.

In her hit, "Brand New Key," Melanie sings. " As somebody who don't drive, I've been all around the world."

And that's where she's been. Doesn't she and her manager husband, Peter Schekeryk ever think of settling down and starting a family?

"Oh no." says Melanie firmly, crossing her legs under her blue velvet gown, "If I can't look after my dogs how could I ever look after a baby?"

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