Daily Mail (UK) 31 Oct 1983

Melanie with a song to sing

Picture: John MitchellPolice halt Melanie's comeback

FOLK SINGER Melanie and her faithful fans were moved on by the police in London last night.
American star of the early Seventies, Melanie, 36, was attempting a British comeback with an impromptu concert on the pavement by the Albert memorial.
She had hoped for a bigger venue. The singer who had big hits with Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma and Brand New Key was scheduled to appear at the Royal Albert Hall, but the concert was cancelled three-weeks ago because too few tickets were sold.

Determined that a show of sorts must go on, she sung for 200 of her fans outside.

Within minutes police turned up to disperse the crowd, saying the memorial was in a security area.

Melanie, who interrupted her singing career to have children, and who has recently written a play, said: "It was a shame we couldn't hold our concert,"

Later she accepted the offer, of a room nearby and sang to the remaining fans. Some were last night trying to get a refund from the Royal Albert Hall.

Concert over as police call the tune.

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