Buddah (UK) Publicity to DJs April 1970

Last year's Woodstock Festival will be remembered as an event where young people got together to listen to music - peacefully.

It also influenced the audience and musicians alike into commemorating the concerts with songs and words.

One record has become the epitaph to the festival and its people. It is "Lay Down" by Melanie with the Edwin Hawkins Singers.

Melanie wrote "Lay Down" right after her performance at Woodstock. As she started singing the rain started falling - but rather than leave and take shelter the people huddled together with jackets over their heads.

And as darkness set in, they lit candles and the reality of the moment became this song.

"Lay Down"/"Candles In The Rain"

What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?

Dear Ma,

Hope you're well. I'm quite concerned really.

Do you remember my song "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)" that I wrote for the Woodstock Festival?

It's the one for all those patient people who 'sat tight' during the thunderstorm and downpour.

Well the Edwin Hawkins Singers' and me recorded "Lay Down" and its proved a very popular chart climber in the US and in Europe.

But in England only 5,000 people have turned on to it. I've appeared in concerts there and my song has been heavily advertised and featured on the air. I just don't understand.

Everyone there says its a great song. It's been 'bubbling under' for some time now.

If only the break would come.

What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?

Love and peace,

Affectionately Melanie.

PS Roscoe loves it and plays it every Saturday in his programme, and says "someone should do something about this record!".

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