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When you think of Melanie. Images of doe-like eyes and long thick hair spring to mind . . . that wavering childlike voice: 'Brand New Key'.
Melanie Safka was born in New York City on February 3rd, 1947 and her love for music has been with her since that day. Her mother was a jazz singer, so Melanie learned to play the guitar when she was very young . . the first step on the road to success.
She did the round of New York bars, singing in hot smoky atmospheres, but eventually grew tired of it, realizing it was getting her nowhere fast.
She turned to acting, but the day she went for an audition she walked into the wrong office and subsequently met record producer Peter Schekeryk, He liked her face, asked her to play . . . and that was that! Peter got her organized, and in 1968 her first album 'Born To Be', beautiful and haunting, was released followed by 'Affectionately Melanie' in 1969 and 'Candles In The Rain' in '70. Under the production of Peter (who also happened to marry her!) 'Gather Me' and 'Garden In The City' appeared in 1971.
We all know 'Brand New Key'!
People used to look for a meaning in that song," said Melanie. "But there isn't one! It's just a funny, meaningless song!"
Her songs are usually simple, but highly charged, and her great love of the country comes through in most of them.

"Cities destroy people," she says, and makes them unhappy. . There is so much to be found in the country -- a simple, uncomplicated life."
Her music is perfect for playing on a rainy, winter evening. Just sit back and listen to Melanie sing her life away with those beautiful lyrics. They come straight from her heart— she doesn't write to be commercial—her songs are what she really feels.

She's an original and it's that originality which has brought her from crowded New York bars to the packed audiences of the world.

So it's easy to see that this star really was Born To Be.

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