Melody Maker 28th October 1972

by: Andrew Means

ONCE again the file of beautiful people flutters on to the stage in order to sap the aura of a star. And as they settle around her stool like shy butterflies, Melanie launches into invocations of peace goodwill brotherly love and harmony.
The usual thing. But she does it so well that there's hardly space for her girlish giggles.
After a spate of continental gigs for UNICEF she was still fresh and energetic enough to make a two and a half-hour gig at the Royal Albert Hall slip by like half the time. It's just astounding how far one girl and her guitar can go.
As the concert coincided with the release of her new record, "Stoneground Words" there was an interesting blend of old and new material. Her power to interpret a song has increased and the new songs illustrated this effectively.
But when she delved into the past to drag up "Ruby Tuesday" and "Leftover Wine" It was clearer than ever that gay little numbers like "Alexander Beetle" have never really dominated her talent. Truly the concert contained its feeble moments when sweet innocence was unestrained.
The miracle was that Melanie in one shape or form, got through to everybody.

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