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I was born on 25th March 1952 in Hammersmith Hospital (West London)

When my mother was in hospital at various times

I was farmed off for a month or two, to one of my mother's sisters when I was about 3

I was also sent to various Childrens' Homes for short periods in

Broadstairs, Kent ......... Newton Abbott, Devon .......... Norwood, South London

My Family moved around a lot

My brother and I shared the same Pram, facing each other,

We used to lift up and throw the bottom (seats) over the side

Experienced my first flight over the pavement here!

I was blistfully unaware of this being a prostitution area

Started learning to read music and play the Descant Recorder

On Leaving Amber, teacher told me to ask at new school to carry on learning the recorder

My new teacher at princess May was Mr. Ding, when I asked him

he replied ' You've got no choice, everyone in the class learns to play!'

Worked Saturday Mornings selling Brikabrak at the Waist, Dalston, E8

Worked on Fun Fair during School holidays

Developed an interest in Photagraphy

Joined Hackney Photographic Society

Started a Fan Club called the Melanie Music Society in 1972

Melanie Music Society
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