The Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park, New York, NY June 24, 1972

2 GREAT Performances!


Melanie Safka, known professionally as just plain MELANIE, is famous not only for her beautiful performances but for her compositions as well. The list of songs to her credit are seemingly endless, some of the better known being "Candles in the Rain," "Beautiful People," "Look What They've Done To My Song," and "Brand New Key." Her recent successful concert appearances are a far cry from singing once a week in a run-down Jersey shore bar for $20 a night. Melanie makes her fourth appearance tonight at the Schaefer Music Festival. Recently, she's been named official spokeswoman for UNICEF, an honor of which she is very proud.

Melanie's Neighborhood:

Wherever Melanie goes, she communicates. On her world-wide tour for UNICEF, Melanie will reach children who speak no English, but understand.

This is Melanie's power. Her high, healing music transcends all language barriers.

For you, for always, Melanie's gathered an albumful of her feelings together.

"Gather Me", on Neighborhood Records.

It's a private concert that contains songs like "Ring The Living Bell", "Brand New Key", and "I Wish I Were A Farmer".

Gather her.







Central Park.

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