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My Parents lived in North East London, but because my mother suffered several miscarriages

She was ordered to bed during her pregnancy, and received specialist treatment at Hammersmith She also spent a lot of time in hospital during my infancy My mother Paints (Oil and Water) quite good She has had and is having some of her work on display in Galleries Normally through the Day Centres she attends (she's in her eighties now)


My father worked Selling Newspapers, a bus conductor and finally a French Polisher.

He did a private job of Polishing a door and took me with, the first time I'd seen him work. He really impressed me, how quick and efficiently he did it. He always bought me a KitKat (Chocolate Bar) on Fridays. He visited the Betting Shop everyday after work, but didn't over indulge.

He died sadly at the age of 55, when I was only 19 (1971).


He was born 15 months before me, and thus managed to bully me all through my childhood. We were both in a bath once, and he peed into my mouth!

Another early memory was one of my Canine teeth he managed to set at an angle when I was about 9. The tooth recently broke off, I can't do my Vampire impressions anymore!

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