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Wed, 30 Apr 1997

Subject: Re: Melanie's sheet music


I was just wondering if you would know of a music distributor who can sell me Melanie's sheet music. I am a guitar player and am especially interested in chords and tab. I have found some chords on the Internet, but would really like Ruby Tuesday and Tuning My Guitar.

Thank you so much,

Lesley J. Roberts
lesley J. Roberts,

A: For Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones) written by Jagger/Richards. See previous answer re Jagger/Richards songs

But here's:


    F                 C         A                  Dm
I'm thinking what I'm doing I'm thinking what I've done 
I'm thinking 'bout my mother Who never thought I'd come 
Quite this far from  no where To hear  myself  be  sung 
But I still haven't forgotten I used to it just for fun 
A    Dm             C                             F      Bflat            C
When all the ones a round me Would wonder if they saw Or heard me singing somewhere 
Tuning my guitar :|
 Knock once, I got ten minutes And every night's the same 
You know I wish I wasn't in it When I hear them call my name 
Same people all around me And I wonder who they are 
I know they're not my family And they're not my friends by far
They're all the ones around me I wonder who they are 
Bflat            C                    A              Dm    
They stand behind my curtain And they hope I'll be a star 
           F                 C              A                Dm 
They       say, "Get out and sell them" But selling's not my aim 
I'm gonna sing the life I'm living     And try to ease the   pain 
Dm             C                        F       Bflat          C 
Of all the ones around me I wonder who you are You hide behind my curtain 
A              Dm  A    :|
And they hope I'll be a star But 
all the ones around me Who don't know who you are 
You hide and you look uncertain But you hope I'll be a star 
But all the ones around me No matter who you are 
Tonight you're gonna hold the curtain I'm tuning my guitar
And all the ones, all around me I don't care who you are
You're gonna have to hold the curtain I'm 
A           Dm
tuning my guitar

Is that okay?

Wed, 30 Apr 1997

To: editor@hype.com

Cc: J.N.Dijkhuis@let.rug.nl, paroyboy@blazenet.net, David_Boldinger@CompuServe.com, kujhock@aol.com

Subject: One Hit Wonder

Dear Editor

I was really surprised to find Melanie listed as a one hit wonder at your site (URL-http://www.hype.com/nostalgia/onehit/onehitin.htm).

The song you have listed as her one hit, "Brand New Key" was a transitional hit for Melanie, as she moved from her original focus to a more indefinable phase in her career. Starting with her first album in 1968, Born To Be, by the time Brand New Key came out she had already built up a massive repertoire of well known material such as; Candles In the Rain, Beautiful People, Ruby Tuesday and many others.

Her career began in the late 60's with a notable boost from an appearance at Woodstock. These were the days when people who were buying that type of music bought albums, not singles. A hit single was not the draw. Even so, Candles in the Rain broke into the top forty long before Brand New Key, as did Look What They Done To My Song Ma and Beautiful People.

As evidence to her popularity, Melanie recorded "Leftover Wine" in 1970 and "Melanie at Carnegie Hall" in 1973 to sold out crowds. Both albums were recorded in Carnegie Hall, hardly the venue reserved for one hit wonders. Much of her music from her early period has been, and continues to be, re-released on CD's.

Melanie still tours. Also both in North America and Europe she still has a wide following (along with a least one person in Hong Kong-myself). Still playing to large crowds, her three backup singers are her children. She has continued to record and one of her latest releases was "Old Bitch Warrior" in 1995. We are waiting for another new release, LowCountry. As with her beginning, the same is true now. People buy Melanie albums, not Melanie singles. Please remove her from your One Hit Wonder list. She is not only one of the most popular artists of that period, she continues today to be one of the most enduring.

Thank you and Best Regards

Kenneth Joe Galloway Hong Kong

Wed, 30 Apr 1997

Subject: Fwd: Looking for a way to write Melanie!!


I have been looking for a way to write E-fan-mail to Melanie! Wow! I hope I am getting close! Here is a copy of the letter I sent to a nice gentleman and his response. I really hope that you can help me. Your response will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!!!


In a message dated 97-04-28 07:44:07 EDT, Dijkhuis J.N. writes:

From: s0745294@let.rug.nl (Dijkhuis J.N.)

To: SheenaEna@aol.com

> Dear sir:

> I really would love to be a contribution to the input you are looking for, however, what I have been so desperately searching for on this Internet labyrinth is a way to send E-mail, fan mail to Melanie herself.

> I am a huge fan of hers, both my fiancée and I. He introduced me to her music. I have a huge fan letter, first one I ever wrote in my 32 yrs of life, that I am dying to give to her and I have no way of doing it yet!

>Can you help me??

Two possibilities:

PattiP1010@aol.com (this is Patti Petow's e-mail address; she is doing work for Melanie and supposedly will redirect mail to Melanie)

Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com (this is an e-mail address which will get redirected to David Boldinger who will eventually pass the e-mail on)

Good luck!



A: If what you want sent to Melanie is 'private', then the only way at present is by snail-mail. You can write c/o the Melanie Fan Club: Click for Address . Or if you would like to share with the rest of the world, you can send to Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com which is a virtual e-mail address which gets to me and then probably published on my Melanie Web Site. If you do not want published, try sending to Patti, and ask her to Fax it on! Which is what she does for my pages! Hope this clarifies things?

27 Apr 1997

Subject: Concert dates


I was checking a web site for future Melanie concert dates, but I either lost the site name, or it went away. Any ideas on where to get this information??


A: As far as I know there are no dates at present. There may be some next month! You are on my mailing list, so you should get any info. There's no 100% reliable web site for future Melanie concert dates yet, this may change very soon!

Sun, 27 Apr 1997 1

I heard the most beautiful version of Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) done by Melanie years ago. I think the version I heard on the radio was live (WMMS) in Cleveland, Ohio. Where can I find the chords? Thanks!

Doug Bowman Delton, Florida b-man@iag.net
A: Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) written by Jagger/Richards. Visit ASCAP at: http://www.ascap.com/ace/ACE.html where you should be able to find who the publisher is, who may be able to help you. Or The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe - It's Only Rock'n Roll : http://classic.arena.no/stones/

Good luck in your search, sorry I couldn't help better.

Sun, 27 Apr 1997 Hi

Did I ever send u the pic of me & Melanie.

It's my pride and joy!!!

Melanie and Wayne Morin

Wayne Morin

Thu, 24 Apr 1997

Subject: Bethel 94

Do you know of any video of the Bethel 94 happening?


A: Afraid not… anyone?

Fri, 25 Apr 97

Subject: previously sent message to Melanie


When I began this "letter to Melanie" adventure, I actually did try at first to post it via your Melanie Web page. But, the moment I clicked the <submit> button, that message went to never-never-land and the MSN e-mail box came up, blank of course. I believe it has something to do with the way MSN transports e-mail as it also happens to me on other Web pages that have internal e-mail forms or templates. So, in any event, I am unable to use your Fan Club form to forward mail. But, if you know of a cure, I'm all ears.

Guess I'll give the Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com a try. Thank you for your time in this.

Keep up the Great Work on your Web Page. I'm sure Melanie would be honored.

A: I assume you are using Internet Explorer, which normally uses the Exchange settings, which has to be set up. There is an Update from Microsoft for Internet Mail and News. I am sure MSN will have the files and information you need to get it working properly. Yes, send e-mail to Melanie via Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com if you wish, then if she ever takes control of her own E-mail, it will automatically go to her! Else you could snail a letter to her via the Fan Club. Or hand her a letter at one of her future concert dates, if you're lucky enough to get to one! -DJB

Thu, 24 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie tour?

Any US dates announced for Melanie?


A:Not at present Next month maybe.

If you let me have your Name I will add you to my mailing list for news.

Thu, 24 Apr 1997

Hi there,

Which is your favourite (or favourites) Melanie album? And what other artists do you like?

Also - perhaps you can help with some Melanie trivia - I have noticed that I have two different versions of Alexander Beetle, but I'm not sure of the original sources. One is on a CD of Candles in the Rain released by Razor Records, the other on an LP (with pink cover) called Best of Melanie, released in early 70s by Buddah. They are noticeably different - Melanie makes different beetle noises on them, and sings slightly differently.

Finally, is there a (currently available) CD of the Candles in the Rain album that has the full-length version of Lay Down? - on my CD (the razor records one) it only lasts for 3 and a half minutes.

Talk soon,


A: The first album I bought was Gather Me and I still rate it very highly, together with most of the others!

>other artists do you like? < 60s/70s mainly, too much to name, never got into Heavy Metal, but I do like Meatloaf! We're about the same weight! In the 70s I bought almost every female singer's album to compare with Melanie, none came close to the variety that you get with Melanie. Some were close, but suicidal, some too samey. I can take Joni Mitchel, I liked Court and Spark. Nothing head over heels about though, except Melanie.

> Melanie trivia - two different versions of Alexander Beetle,. <

The original I have, was on a EP! It was on Candles in the US, not UK. Razor may have re-mixed it slightly. I have that Pink Best, even that may be re-mixed slightly. The reason they may sound different is that the original tapes have four channels. Stereo CDs and LPs only have two channels, someone has to mix four into two.

Finally, is there a (currently available) CD of the Candles in the Rain .< I don't think there is at present. -DJB

Wed, 23 Apr 1997

Subject: More about Melanie

Dear Mr. Boldinger,

I love Melanie and it is so great to be able to find out more about her. I have never seen her live, I only have three of her albums, and I can't find anymore in the stores. I am a college student in Massachusetts and a campus radio director for world, folk, country and special programming. How can I find out more about Melanie for myself and in the interest of the college radio station?

Thanks for your help!

Great Web Site!


A: Ask to look at your record dealer's catalogue of CDs they can get!

Or: click here for the UK's current list which also has links to world-wide suppliers through the Internet. - DJB

Wed, 23 Apr 1997

Subject: More about Melanie

Dear Mr. Boldinger,

I love Melanie and it is so great to be able to find out more about her. I have never seen her live, I only have three of her albums, and I can't find anymore in the stores. I am a college student in Massachusetts and a campus radio director for world, folk, country and special programming. How can I find out more about Melanie for myself and in the interest of the college radio station?

Thanks for your help! Great web-site!

Jessica jlmacie@mtholyoke.edu

(A: click Chronology or for currently available CDs, click UK where there's links to global suppliers - DJB)

Tue, 22 Apr 1997

Dear Dave,

How am I to find the words to express the exuberance with which I bring you this news? Thanks to the fine working ways of the folks at Ticketmaster and the assistance of a friend with a drive-able car, I was able to attend the April 12th concert at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville. It was my first Melanie show, and I nearly wet my pants with excitement on more than one occasion.

As usual, Melanie was vibrant, personable and spontaneous. I especially admired her chutzpah. There was a "gentleman" in the audience who insisted on heckling and requesting songs. He was probably well intentioned, but like the rest of us, Melanie eventually had enough. She stopped her monologue to ask "Could somebody please get that guy out of here?".

Melanie spent some time in the lobby signing autographs and sharing stories. All in all, it was a tremendous experience for me, and I must thank you for your part in making it all possible.

Take care,


Tue, 22 Apr 1997

Dear Melanie or whoever may receive this,

I am in the crux of a moral dilemma. I would appreciate a response from her or someone who is close to Melanie, if possible. I am a HUGE fan of hers. Not psycho, I promise. But it would be a dream come true for me to meet her, or even drive by her house. Now, here's the problem. If the mailing address for her fan-club is anywhere close to her home, then it is a small area that I am familiar with and is not far from my home. Should I drive by unannounced? I don't wish to bother her and would be content to drive by but would also like to ask someone about possible bookings in my small college town. But, I am shy. and would not want to look silly asking because I am not sure what the range of her fees might be. and really, I would love to ask someone for permission to meet her , which is, I guess, is what I'm doing. Oh, heck. I don't know...e-mail if you have any thoughts

sincerely, toni

(A: It's appears Melanie is home not very often, recording and touring most of the time! You would more likely bump into her at one of her concerts where she normally hangs around afterwards! - DJB)

Sun, 20 Apr 97


And though you will probably never read this letter, I thought I would send my words for your kindness.

I saw you play at the "Coffee House" in Timonium. And even though I never saw you perform before, you were everything I dreamed you would be. You still display your vibrance in all the songs you sing but I sense that your arrangements are more complex than before (you can sure hammer a guitar). I even had the opportunity to hear you rehearse in the hotel you were staying at. It wasn't hard to hear -- I had the good fortune of being in the room next to you! Although, I never heard you in person before, I just knew it had to be you. I remember as a teen in the 70's I would try to imitate you with my guitar (can you imagine a guy trying to sound like you!) Anyway, in my life you have been my teacher and my inspiration. Thank you for the concert in Timonium and for signing my "Good Book" afterward. Thank you for the songs you have given me. But, most of all, thank you for being "down to earth" you. I hope your future songs will fly as much as you.


To All

I have set up a 'virtual' e-mail address for Melanie! It is Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com. Any e-mail sent to Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com will be re-directed to me for possible inclusion in these Web pages and subsequent passing on to Melanie by Fax.

If at some stage Melanie would like to handle her own e-mail I will divert the address to her or whom ever she requests!

I have re-opened a Bank account for the Melanie Music Society. It's only been 23 years since it was open! :)

It was a bit confusing for the Bank officials! They know what a sports club is. They know what a social club is. What about a 'Virtual Internet Web Based Fan Club'? Not a clue!

They tried to get me to open a business account! 'I don't want to make money from this' I said! 'but, you'll be selling CDs..', 'oh, just passing them on.' -- Got there in the end.

It is a Club/Society Treasurer's a/c. The only drawback is the account must not exceed £5,000,000, that's about $8,000,000. (400,000 LowCountry CDs) - So no Gold Discs allowed! :)

David Boldinger

Sun, 20 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie the great

Hello David!!

You are so wonderful for creating the Melanie page!`

I'm 18 and just discovered the Internet. I could never have fathomed that I'd find a Melanie fan club!! It seemed that no one had ever heard of her besides me and my mom. I cannot seem to sign onto the Melanie Society do you think you could tell me how to, if you know?

Thank you again. I knew that there had to be Melanie fans out there, she's one of the greatest songwriters ever!

Love, Cass :):):)

(A: click Register- DJB)

Thu, 17 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie

Melanie, Please, Please come to Memphis, TN, the home of the blues.

Jane M3379@mail.IDT.net

Wed, 16 Apr 1997


Hi all,

Just a few more details that I am remembering from the concert. Melanie's wit was present throughout the evening... she had a towel that she used to wipe her brow after the first number...Frank would use one end of it, then Melanie would use it again and so on throughout the concert.. "you never really get to know someone until you share your perspiration with them!" ... then she threw the towel over her microphone stand...where it stayed the whole concert. She was just so unaffected and natural. When a string broke, Frank offered her his spare guitar for the next song. As she got into the song she looked back and saw that Peter had not gotten her guitar to replace the string. She yells out "hello, backstage, will someone please fix my guitar" and then says to the audience "it's so hard to get good help these days" As Peter comes on stage to get her guitar "Oh, by the way, I can say that because that's my husband" The audience loved it! When she introduced Jeordie, the audience really responded (there were lots of young kids there to see a local act, The Nudes) and they really hooted and hollered when she told the audience Jeordie was her daughter. Jeordie's voice was so clear and harmonious - blending perfectly with her mom's...She was especially effective on a couple of songs on the new album that had a "dulcimer" or "mountain" feel to them. I don't want to give the wrong impression of the new album. There are some songs that have a "bluesy" feel to them and others that are "rockers"! There is such a wide variety of feelings and emotions presented in this album - but the whole thing just ties together beautifully with such continuity. It is just a work of art! My very fave is "I'm not in love anymore". One of my favorite artists is Etta James ("At Last") and this song captures that feeling. You are just in for such a treat with this new CD!! Melanie got really excited as she autographed my cassette cover "These songs are just so good!! You are really going to like them!" She seemed to be really proud of her product, artistically.

Well, that's all for now.

Must get to bed!


Tue, 15 Apr 1997
Brenda with Melanie

Hi all, I'm Brenda. Beth has really built this up to be something really great from me... I hope I don't disappoint anyone.

Here's the play list from the concert Saturday (April 12): Perceive It (my personal favorite), Song for Robert Johnson, Cerulean Blue, Brand New Key, Saving Everything You Do, If My Heart Should Loose Its Way, Rock And Roll Heart, I'm Not In Love Anymore (Beth's personal favorite), On The Lam From The Law, Look What They've Done To My Song Ma, Be The Sky, Freedom Knows My Name (encore), and As Long As We Stand (2nd encore).

This is the song list that is on the LOWCOUNTRY cassette: I'm Not In Love Anymore; Song For Robert Johnson; Pretty Boy, Dear One; Be The Sky; Cerulean Blue; If My Heart Should Lose Its Way; Saving Everything You Do; Rock And Roll Heart; On The Lam From The Law; Prematurely Gray; You Call Yourself A Writer; Freedom Knows My Name; and As Long As We Stand.

See ya,


Tue, 15 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie's latest CD

Hello Dave,

Some news to pass along to you and fellow Melanie fans:

Melanie announced at her April 12th concert in Jacksonville FLA that her new CD is being pressed. The title is "Low Country". It was recently recorded in South Carolina USA. and should soon be ready. The fortunate few who've previewed the tape say Melanie fans are in for some surprises on this album.


(A: How and when the CD will be available will be announced shortly! - DJB)

Fri, 11 Apr 1997

Subject: April News

Quite a cryptic note.....could you shed some light on what all this means? I guess I am not capable to draw my own conclusions....sounds ominous though...



(A: No News is Good News! Good news about Melanie would predominantly be a concert or a new album! There were no concerts in March, so you can imagine what Melanie was doing! There was only one other month on the page with no news; The following month Unchained was being sold! You have to draw your own conclusions because I am bound by secrecy! Why anything has to be secret I don't know!

You now know 'almost' as much as me! Wouldn't be surprised if you knew more! :)- DJB)

Wed, 9 Apr 1997

Dear Melanie (or whoever reads this),

Several years ago, 1991 I think, I saw you on a talk show on the Nashville Network. You gave out a mailing address. I wrote it down but later lost it. I have wanted to tell you that I think you seem like a wonderful person, and I have tried, although it was pretty easy to, adopt some of the philosophies that you sing about. I wish that I could find your real address, but maybe this will reach you. I am a tremendous fan.

I guess I didn't have that much to say after all. I hope you are well.

Take care.


Toni Birmingham, Alabama, U.S

(A: see Unchained Melanie sleeve notes for Fan Club Address - DJB)

Tue, 8 Apr 1997

Hey there! I'm desperately trying to find out when Melanie will be playing in the Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. area again. I know I just missed her at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA and I'm crushed! Any idea?

--Kristen Udowitz

Sun, 6 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie

I am trying to figure out what ever happened to Melanie. It was May 26, 1971 that I named my daughter after her, the song Beautiful People inspired me.

I started checking the Melanie's recent e-mails, well not real recent but, I had seen another person who had named her daughter after her. I printed quite a bit of information about Melanie that I thought my daughter would enjoy. It is still hard for me to believe that this was almost 26 years ago.

I am having two of her albums framed to give to my daughter. Melanie's Quotes will go great with them

Please let me know if you have information, or where I can go to get it. I am pretty new to the web, but am trying. Thanks for all you can do.

Debbie Admirer

Sat, 05 Apr 1997

Subject: Treasures in the attic

Hi David,

While cleaning the attic today, I found a few items of Melanie memorabilia.

"Melanie's Good Book" (1971) and "Another Side Of Melanie" (1972) songbooks, both from Kama Rippa Music/Amelanie Music, and the September, 1974 issue of "New Ingenue" magazine, featuring an article titled Melanie: A Want To Buy A Mountain "Another Side Of Melanie" contains mostly songs I've never heard, and I don't think Melanie's ever recorded them. The "Mountain" article is mostly an interview by Mopsy Strange Kennedy, during a visit to Melanie's house when Leilah was seven months old.

Didn't know if you've ever seen or heard of these items, but I thought you might be interested in hearing about them.

"Another Side Of Melanie" songbook titles include:

"Melanie Music" section:

"New Melanie Music" section:

The book includes a lot of early Melanie solo photos, plus with the Edwin Hawkins Singers and The Everly Brothers.

Also, if anyone is looking for Melanie's newest release "Her Greatest Hits: Live And New", it's available from CD Europe for only $13.95. It took a month, but I just received my copy today. The catalogue number is H360183.

Rick Ziegler

Fri, 4 Apr 1997


Just thought u might want to know, "Affectionately" (The CD I've been trying to find for years) has been re-released, I think, I hope!!!

I went to the cdeurope homepage, and it is listed again, with the release date being Feb 14/97, No label was listed and the price is really cheap. I hope it's the whole album!


Wayne Morin

Thu, 03 Apr 1997

Subject: lyrics to Lay Down

Dear Mr. Boldinger -

I came across your Melanie Safka home page today. I have a CD entitled "Freedom Rock" that has Melanie's song, Lay Down (Candles in the Rain), on it. I have been looking everywhere for the lyrics to Lay Down, recorded with the Edwin Hawkins singers. If you can refer me to a place I can get the lyrics without having to buy a CD, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Emily Kaufman c690045@showme.missouri.edu University of Missouri-Columbia

(A: DJ's pages has some lyrics DJB)

Thu, 3 Apr 1997

Subject: Melanie

Thanks for putting a great page together I have been a Melanie fan since I first saw her 25 years ago.

She has always been my favorite I hope that her U.S. CDs are re-released soon and that she finds a major label to properly promote her

Thanks again

James Chisholm

Tue, 01 Apr 1997


Looking for a CD copy of Unchained Melanie recently released by the fan club in a limited edition.. any ideas where I might locate same


David Leigh Melanie fan

(A: Seems they sold-out very quickly - anyone with a spare? DJB)

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