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I created this site in 1996, I had a lot of material myself to place, plus more newspaper and magazine articles in the chronology section, pictures, sound and video, sent by generous folks through their devotion, saved and preserved memories up to 30+-years to share with us, overshadowes that.
For all the visitors and myself, our deepest gratitude to you all - You're truly beautiful people.

Just a few names I can mention:
Eileen, Charles, Fredrik, Kim, Robert, Theo, Patti, Marc, Rick, Rose, Trevor, Bos, Ger, Tim, Paul, Stephen, Michael, Jim, Pat, Jim, Jane, Paul, Barbara, Paula, Eric, Brian, Ken, Wayne, Mike, Linda, Veronique, ooops nearly forgot: Melanie, Peter, Beau-Jarred, Leilah, Jeordie, Polly and Fred!

If you're not on this list, and should be, email me!